Hus/Fritidshus House/Holiday Home

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What does the Fire insurance cover?

The Fire insurance covers fire; including fire extinguishing, sudden soot damage, dry-boiling of boiler for space heating, explosion, bursting of air-tight and steam-tight boilers, direct lightning strikes at the site of insurance, crashing aircrafts or parts falling from them, as well as damage to electrical wiring (excluding hidden electrical cables for space heating).


What does the House and homeowner insurance cover?

The House and homeowner insurance covers damage to building caused by storm and accidental and sudden damage caused by seeping of fluids from e.g. a radiator as well as glass and sanitary ware (this cover should therefore not be included in your family insurance), home owner’s responsibilities, legal aid & extended cover.


What does the extended insurance cover?
It covers damage caused by everyday use - for instance, if you drop a can of paint on a wooden floor, the repair of the damage will be covered. The coverage always has an excess of DKK 2,500.


What does pipe & cable insurance cover?
It covers leaks in concealed pipes and branch pipes, plus faults in concealed electricity cables for space heating.


Is there depreciation for pipes?
There is no depreciation for pipes - but there is an excess of DKK 2,500 if your pipes are over 20 years old.


Does the insurance cover rental?
If you rent out your house/holiday home, we cannot insure it and refer you to our partner Tryg on 70 11 20 20


Photovoltaic systems:
Photovoltaic systems are covered by your house insurance. The insurance provides cover in accordance with Group 1 in the terms of insurance. There is cover for such things as fire, storm, theft and

vandalism. Insurance does not cover loss of power from the system.


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