Studieforsikring Student Insurance

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* Indboforsikringen og årsrejseforsikringen dækker dig og op til to
   roomies, der bor på adressen.
* Indboforsikringen dækker tyveri og hærværk på cykler op 14.700 kr.
* Rejseforsikringen dækker også skirejser.
* Ulykkesforsikringen dækker fra 5% varigt mén.

Læs mere om vores studieforsikringer på vores hjemmeside.

In IDA Insurance, you can take out special student insurance tailored to your study needs and consisting of family insurance (contents), accident insurance and annual travel insurance. The price is low, the excess is DKK 0, and the insurance policies are taken out separately.

Student insurance typically covers:

  • Family Insurance/Contents
    • Compensation, if household and private property is damaged as a result of theft, burglary, short circuit, fire or water damage
  • Annual Travel Insurance
    • Travelling in Europe or worldwide
  • Accident Insurance
    • Compensation if you get a permanent disability of at least 5% due to an accident
    • Dental damage and treatments by a physiotherapist or chiropractor when these are not covered elsewhere.
Family/contents insurance covers up to three people at your address
We require only that you have the same registered address.


If there are more than three people living there, we can not offer any insurance. Neither to those who are members of IDA.

The value of your contents
Use the IDA Insurance contents calculator, which you can find at under family insurance.


Injury Tables
If you are involved in an accident which is covered by the insurance, the compensation is calculated on the basis of an injury table.


How long can I keep my student insurance?
You can have student insurance as long as you are a student and a member of the IDA, and as something new, you can now keep the cheap student insurance right up until your 30th birthday, even if you have already graduated.


You can obtain a quotation for your student insurance at