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Remember that if you change your motorcycle or moped, with or without license plates, with a new one, you must obtain a quote for the new motorcycle/moped, even though it is to be insured under the same conditions as the previous/current insurance policy. You should obtain a quote at


If you want to move your motorcycle/moped insurance over to IDA insurance from another company, you should also obtain a quote at

What is the difference between liability and comprehensive cover?
Liability insurance is compulsory and covers your liability for damage to other people or other people's things (e.g. the other person's car). Comprehensive insurance covers damage to your motorcycle/moped from collision, fire, theft, etc.


Which motorcycles do we not insure?
We do not insure Harley Davidson.


Here you should contact car damage 44 20 46 59.


Driving experience
You have driving experience when you can document having ridden on your own motorcycle.


New drivers
If you are under 25, the premium will be calculated specifically for this. If you are over 25, the premium will be calculated accordingly. If you have at least 5 years accident-free riding and are 30 years old and a full customer, you can choose Superbike.